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Vb6 function statement
Vb6 function statement

Vb6 function statement

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Sep 4, 2010 - We use procedures and functions to create modular programs. Visual Basic statements are grouped in a block enclosed by Sub , Function andA Function procedure is a series of Visual Basic statements enclosed by the Function and End Function statements. The Function procedure performs a task and

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The GoTo vb6 statement can be used to branch to statements within a Sub or Function procedure. We have all heard the lectures on the "evils" of using vb6 Visual Basic. Jump to: navigation, search. Functions are named blocks program code that perform a specific task and Body: All the statements that do the work. In a Sub or Set procedure, the Return statement is equivalent to an Exit Sub or Exit Property statement, and expression must not be supplied. In a Function, Get,

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Visual Basic Facebook Site You can also write programmer-defined procedures (Subs and Functions), which you would use not to . To call a Function, the syntax is identical to an assignment statement that uses a VB built-in function:. A Function procedure returns a value to the calling code either by executing a Return statement or by encountering an Exit Function or End Function statement. Start Microsoft Visual Basic and create a Console Application named BCR3 . To use a conditional statement in a function, change the document as follows: Declares the name, parameters, and code that define a Function procedure. Jan 3, 2012 - You need to set the value to the function name and the return type: Private Function LeaveCheck(empid As String) As String Dim rdoRs1 As

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