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Netserverenum example
Netserverenum example

Netserverenum example

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When I use NetServerEnum, it only list SQL Server default instance name, but when I have a different instance than the default, for example

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When I ask for NT4/2000 Server I also get the Windows 9x systems. And looking at all system the Win 9x systems identify them selves at Windows NT 4.0. May 22, 2001 - NetServerEnum: Obtain Domain/Workgroup Servers and Machines. Posted . For example, a 'value of 0x00000003 combines the bit masks for Apr 4, 2011 - Hello, I am using NetServerEnum to get a list of local networking computer (LAN) I'd like to know its return (out) addresses For example, should

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The NetServerEnum function lists all servers of the specified type that are visible in the specified domain. For example, an application can call NetServerEnum to Nov 20, 2005 - Need help? Post your question and get tips & solutions from a I am trying to convert a program I wrote in VB6 that gathered all the namespublic static extern int NetServerEnum( VB Signature: Private Declare Unicode Function NetServerEnum Lib "netapi32" _ Sample Class #1. using System; Oct 26, 2006 - For example, an application can call /// NetServerEnum to list all domain controllers /// only or all SQL servers only. /// You can combine bit The domain name must be a NetBIOS domain name (for example, microsoft). The NetServerEnum function does not support DNS-style names (for example, I want to use the NetServerEnum function (netapi32.dll). My prg works, but I do not I get 0x86efa instead of my_server_name for example?

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